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How is the round hole pin header electroplated?silver thimble Processing

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  Round hole pin barrel plating is called drum plating in a strict sense. It is a kind of electroplating in which a certain number of small parts are placed in a special drum, and various metal or alloy coatings are deposited on the surface of the parts by direct conduction in the rolling state to achieve surface protection and decoration and various functional intentions. Processing method. The typical barrel plating process is as follows: the small parts processed before plating are loaded into the drum, and the parts rely on their own gravity effect to tightly press the cathode conductive equipment in the drum to ensure the current required for the parts to be plated. Can be transferred smoothly.

  Then, the drum rotates in a certain direction at a certain speed, and the parts keep rolling and falling after being subjected to the rotating effect in the drum. At the same time, the main metal ions are reduced to the metal coating on the surface of the part after being subjected to the electric field effect. The fresh solution outside the drum is continuously replenished into the drum through the many small holes on the drum wall, and the old liquid in the drum and the electroplating process occur The hydrogen gas is also discharged out of the cylinder through these small holes.

  The above is all the content about how the round hole pin header is electroplated. If you want to know more about common sense, please pay attention to our official website and keep abreast of our official information. Our company is based on "honesty" , Has always adhered to the principle of being responsible for customers, and providing our customers with the best quality products and services, please call us. Shenzhen Shenyangming Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional female row mother manufacturer that produces precision connection plug-ins and car wiring harness processing. Quality is the guarantee of enterprise development and livelihood. In all the company's production and business activities, insisting on quality first is the prerequisite for us to establish a foothold in the market and obtain benefits. Now the main products are applicable to computers, electronic communications, instruments, surfaces, industrial control, program control, digital cameras, MP3, PDA, and various mobile storage disks, card readers, DVDs, LCM/LED displays, electronic toys, etc., boards We supply the most detailed and reliable connections to the board and wire to the board. Professionally produce Shenzhen pin headers, computer connection cables, flat cables, round hole headers, white headers, simple horns, flat cables, FCC, USB, guidelines, horns, simple Cow, policy, BOX, ATX, CE bus, electronic wire, connector, power cord, USB cable, computer connector, video cable.

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