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Pogopin spring design attention and rolling forming method

source:Industry News release time:2023-02-20 Article author:yu Popular:POGO PIN


  The characteristics and methods of spring rolls are divided into cold rolls and hot rolls. Cold winding method: When the diameter of the spring steel wire is less than 8mm, the cold winding method is used. High -quality carbon spring steel wire is usually cold first and then heat treatment. Generally, it does not quench after winding, and only low temperature recovers to eliminate the internal stress during winding. Hot roll method: Spring with large diameter (> 8mm) of spring steel wire should be used. The hot -rolled spring must be quenched at medium temperature.

  (1) Device space: To design compressed spring, you must have a clear understanding of the space of the required device spring in order to effectively grasp the basic manufacturing conditions of the compressed spring, including the outer diameter, inner diameter and freedom length.

  (2) Direwal load: In the design of the compressed spring, we must clearly understand the position to be started and the required bearing capacity. Determine the position of the required elasticity, and then determine the diameter of the material, the wire of the wire, and the number of circles.

  (3) Environmental factors: When spring work in different environments, it will be affected by environmental factors and affects the life of the spring. Therefore, the designer must consider changes in the temperature and humidity of the environment. Temperature has a great impact on the life of the spring, and the humidity can easily oxidize the spring without surface treatment. Therefore, environmental factors can determine whether the spring needs to be treated and selected.

  (4) Passing at both ends: The two ends of the tension spring will affect the shape of the hook and the freedom length of the tension spring. Space can determine the size and outer diameter of the contact parts.

  (5) Pre -tightening force: The pre -tightening force determines the material of the spring and the diameter of the steel wire. The size of the fastener can adjust the pre -tightening length.

  (6) The outer axis outer diameter: The inner diameter of the twist spring can be determined according to the main axis size, but the change of the spring body should be considered, and the proper amount can be left.

  (7) Internal diameter of the device: When the twist spring device adopts the "IN" type, the "IN" type space should be considered. The space determines the outer diameter, freedom length and number of circles of the spring body.

  (8) Torque fulcrum: Torque spring must have a fulcrum when working. This fulcrum can determine the length and form of the twist.

  (9) Starting point: The angle position of the torque rod and the fulcrum of the torque can be clearly defined when the torque rod and the fulcrum are clearly defined.

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