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What is the composition and structure of Pogopin?

source:Industry News release time:2021-11-24 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN


  1. Structure

  Under the conditions, due to the certain structure of the needle and the needle tube, they cannot touch, so the current cannot pass through the needle tube and the tube spring, resulting in excessive electrons and a sudden voltage drop.

  2. Bevel angle

  Cut the needle tip that is in contact with the spring obliquely to ensure 100% contact with the needle tube when working. This design concept can ensure a low and stable touch.

  3. Mind

  This design is the best choice for pipe connectors. It can meet the flexibility requirements of customers. The length of the spring of this design can exceed the length of the pipe. If the space is limited, the back-drilling design can achieve stable elasticity and stroke.

  Processing technology Computer processing, precision processing is possible, the precision is 002 mm, and the product precision is 100,000 times.

  The main parameters of the pogopin connector are:

  Contact: Dynamic contact is less than 30m.

  Keywords: 500M or more

  Flexibility: according to customer requirements, ranging from 50-500 grams

  Dimensional accuracy: longitudinal accuracy of 0.05mm, accuracy of 0.01mm.

  Life: more than 10,000 cycles

  Soldering method: suitable for surface mount soldering, wave soldering and soldering soldering.

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