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How is the round hole pin header connected?rotating disk electrode factory

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  Many friends who are not in the industry should be very familiar with round hole pin headers, and some people don’t even know what it does. In fact, these are not very perverse, but trust us to have a certain understanding of connectors, round hole rows The needle is actually a part of the connector. It is equivalent to the heart of the connector. Without it, the connector cannot realize its power. So how does the round hole pin header connect?

  There are many elements to be considered when connecting a round hole pin header, and it is also necessary to consider the requirements of touch resistance and mechanical stability. The specification and geometry of the solder joints depend on the welding skills and the planning of the connector itself. Through hole and surface adhesion skills are significantly different in these two aspects. The opening of the connector is becoming more and more delicate and precise, and the solder joint and its function (especially the function of mechanical strength and plastic deformation under load) have become more and more important. Since the round hole pin header must pay attention to these when connecting, try not to affect the benefits of the round hole pin header due to these aspects.

  Identify the connection method of the circuit. The characteristic method of the connection of the round hole pin header component: analyze the connection method of the components in the circuit. Inquiry of current activity, if the current flows to a branch point, the two branches of dividends flow through the components at each point and then gather one point, and the round hole pin flows back to the negative pole of the power supply, then the circuit is in parallel. If any element in the circuit is disconnected, no current flows through the other elements, and the circuit is connected in series; if there is still current flowing through other elements, the circuit is connected in parallel.

  Analyze and judge based on the operating characteristics of each component in the circuit. If one component in the circuit is blown, other components cannot be operated, that is, the operation of each component in the circuit affects and restricts each other, then the circuit is a series circuit; if one component in the circuit is blown, the other components can still operate as usual. That is, if the operations of the components in the circuit do not affect each other, the circuit is a parallel circuit. In our current product structure, the round hole pin headers are mainly small-standard LCD TV panels and monitors, which are not surplus, but the mobile phone panel business has always been a stable surplus point.

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