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Connector packaging method.silver thimble Manufacturing

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  1. Polyvinyl chloride tube packaging and PVC tube packaging have some shortcomings. For example, the maintenance function is not good enough. The SMT process requires manual placement of the product on the PCB, which increases the outdoor manufacturing process installed by the customer and seriously affects the production power.

  2. PCB assembly (Carrier-tape) packaging, following the packaging method of IC and other surface-mounted electronic components, packaging strips planned according to the shape of the product, so that it can well keep the product from damage, and the SMT process is compatible with other The same active chip soldering process for electronic components eliminates the need for other processes and equipment to increase the production power of PCB assembly.

  How to choose high-quality connectors

  1. It is required to find out what standard you need and what is the number of wiring; due to the number and standard of wiring, it will determine which industrial connector with rubber core you use. There are hundreds of different types of rubber cores in shopping malls. If we don’t pay attention, it will cause a lot of inconvenience. The selected rubber core is related to the space or voltage required for installation, and each voltage used is required to be marked.

  2. It is necessary to understand the connector rubber core connection line. Due to the different connection standards of each connector, the rubber core arrangement of the cable connection is also different.

  3. Select the manufacturer of the FPC connector. There are a lot of FPC internal connectors. It is recommended that you find a reliable manufacturer for long-term cooperation.

  How to use the connector

  The structure and form of the connector are varied. With the difference in operation and reception, different application objects, different equipment frequencies and powers have produced various forms of connectors, such as connectors on computer hard disks and connectors on automobile machine tools, as well as on common TV remote controls. Connector. In many devices, when you observe along the circuit dredging route, you will definitely see more than one connector, so there are many ways to use the connector, but regardless of the structure, the connector has a standard function : To ensure smooth, reliable and continuous current.

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