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Advantages of shrapnel connectors

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  Commonly used battery connectors have two forms of thimble type and shrapnel type connectors. A large number of battery connectors used in mobile phones are thimble type. Compared with shrapnel type battery connectors, it has the following advantages.

Advantages of shrapnel connectors(图1)

  When the thimble type connector is compared with the same size shrapnel type connector, the compression amount is large and the contact is stable. The thimble type battery connector has a more effective working compression amount than the shrapnel type, ensuring the stability of the contact.

  Compared with the thimble type and shrapnel type with the same compression amount, the thimble type connector occupies less PCB board space. When the working position is 4mm and the compression is 1mm, the thimble connector takes up less space on the PCB board. The body can be thin and miniaturized.

  When compressed, the contact point position of the thimble connector remains unchanged, which can maintain a stable connection point and obtain stable electrical performance. The thimble type battery connector has 20,000 times and the shrapnel type 5,000 times. The thimble type battery connector is more durable than the shrapnel type. The shape of the plastic colloid and the combination of the thimble can be set freely, so the design freedom is more prominent.

  Through the above comparison and analysis, the thimble type connector has many advantages over the shrapnel type: it can make full use of the PCB board space; the thimble type connector can ensure a high initial contact pressure, and it is stable when compared with the previous shrapnel connector Contact pressure; thimble type connector has a higher working life than shrapnel type connector; high degree of design freedom. In the design of new models in the future, it is recommended that all battery connectors adopt thimble-type battery connectors.

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