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What factors should be considered in the design of pogopin connector?silver thimble

source:Industry News release time:2021-11-15 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN


  With the rapid development of electronic technology today, pogopin connectors have gradually become the mainstream of today's social development. The main function of the pogopin connector is to conduct electricity and transmit information. The quality of its functions affects the operation of the entire connector. In order to meet the basic functional standards, the overall structural design of the pogopin connector must be reasonable. Below, Shenzhen Pogopin connector manufacturer Qincheng Technology will introduce the design principles of pogopin connectors and the factors to be considered.

  1. Needle design

  The needle design requires a smooth surface to enter a small round hemisphere.

  2. Flat bottom design

  Due to the difference in the structure of the needle and the needle tube, the design cannot touch the needle tube, the current cannot be inclined to the needle tube, the wall of the needle tube runs straight along the spring, the resistance is too large, and the voltage drops greatly.

  3. Inclined design

  In order to ensure that the needle maintains 100% contact with the needle tube during operation, the end of the needle in contact with the spring is usually cut into a bevel. This design idea can ensure the low stability of the contact impedance and absolutely guarantee the stable conduction of the product. The back-drilling design is the best choice for small connectors, which can meet the elasticity requirements of customers.

  The service life of the mechanical equipment of the pogopin connector refers to the service life of plugging and unplugging, and the circular metal material plugging battery charging pin connector is generally set to 5000 times. As everyone knows, there is a certain correlation between the service life of mechanical equipment and time. There is a significant difference between 500 applications in ten years and 500 applications in one year. So what are the factors affecting the life of pogopin connectors? Let Shenzhen Qincheng Technology introduce to you.

  1. The size of the pogopin connector and the total separation force. The number of contact pairs is large, of course, the volume is large, and the total separation force is relatively large. In some cases where the reliability is high and the volume is allowed, two pairs of contact pairs can be used in parallel to improve the reliability of the connection.

  2. In the plug and socket of the pogopin connector, the pin (positive contact) and the pin (negative contact) are usually interchangeable. In actual use, it can be selected according to the live conditions at both ends of the plug and socket. If the socket needs to be charged frequently, you can choose a socket with a jack, because the live contacts of the socket with a jack are buried in the insulator, so it is relatively safe for the human body to touch the live contacts.

  3. The electrical continuity of the contact pair of the Pogopin connector under the specified frequency and acceleration conditions of the pogopin connector. Under this dynamic stress condition, the contact pair occurs in the contact pair. Normally, the prescribed disconnection time is 1μs, 10μs, 100μs, 1ms and 10ms. Generally, when the voltage drop across the closed contact pair (contact) exceeds 50% of the electromotive force of the power supply, it can be determined that the closed contact pair (contact) is faulty. In other words, there are two conditions for judging whether an interruption occurs: duration and voltage drop.

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