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The determinants of the price of custom pogo pins.nucleic acid probe Processor

source:Industry News release time:2021-11-09 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  The determinants of the price of custom pogo pins

  The pogo pin consists of a needle, a needle tube and a spring. Although the structure of the pogo pin is simple, the price evaluation of the pogo pin is a very troublesome thing. Seeing this, you will definitely say that a structure that seems so simple, where is the price evaluation needed. In fact, it is not. Although the structure of the pogo pin is simple, it is not easy to make it at all. Next, the editor of Chengyuxin will talk about the price of the pogo pin for you, and what is the manufacturer based on.

  1. According to the size of the pogo pin connector

  Because the larger the volume and the longer the diameter of the pogo pin, the more material it consumes; the price will naturally be more expensive. At the same time, if the pogo pin product is too small and the precision requirements are too high, the price will rise. At this time, the manufacturer will consider the price from the design and production time. The pogo pin size is too small, and the design requirements are very strict and the labor loss is also very long. of.

  2. According to the process requirements of pogo pins

  Take a pogo pin with a length of 2.0mm; a single needle with a diameter of 1.5mm as the standard to give an example. When the needle has no special treatment, the price is relatively affordable. If the needle needs to be punched or another special process is required, this time The price will rise. There are also many kinds of needle tubes for pogo pins: double-ended single needle, single needle with tail, side-welded single needle and surface mount single needle. The price of surface mount single needle is most affordable. The other processes are more difficult than the surface-mount single-needle process.

  Three, according to the electroplating film thickness of the pogo pin

  The electroplating of pogo pins is a very important procedure. When applied to different products, there are different requirements for the electroplating of pogo pins. When customers require products to withstand large currents, we need to plate a thicker gold layer and different internal designs to meet Customers' product needs to ensure better product quality and higher product requirements. Of course, the price of a pogo pin with a thicker gold layer is relatively higher.

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