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Introduction of double-ended spring charging pin.old thimbles factory

source:Industry News release time:2021-11-09 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  Introduction of double-ended spring charging pin

  The spring charging pin is a connector that our electronic engineers often use. It is generally composed of a needle, a spring, and a needle tube. It has many different types of structures, and the double-ended spring charging pin is one of its structure types. The double-headed spring charging pin is one of the special-shaped structures of the spring pogo pin. A new needle is added to the spring charging pin, so that both sides of the connector can be compressed and the space is reduced. The following editor from Shenzhen Chengyuxin will take you to know how to choose the double-head spring charging pin suitable for your product:

  1. Size selection of double-head spring charging needle:

  The size of the pin is determined by the strength of the design, current load, and shape, but a large diameter usually increases the cost significantly. In addition, the double-ended spring charging needle has two needles, and the price is naturally much more expensive than the upright spring charging needle.

  2. The height selection of the double-head spring charging needle:

  The height of the Pin is determined by the working height, that is, the height of the working compression and the accuracy of the matching part installation. Usually, the compression stroke is about 70% of the total stroke.

  3. Current load selection of double-head spring charging needle:

  The current load requirements are different, and the entire design parameters need to be changed and adjusted accordingly.

  4. Durability selection of double-ended spring charging needles:

  Durability, that is, life: Durability is based on dynamic testing, not static testing. The result of static test is very different from that of dynamic test, which can reach dozens of times. Durability is related to many factors. Usually 10,000 cycles of life is relatively cost-effective. If you want to increase durability, you need to customize.

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