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What is a POGopin connector?gene probe Production

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  What is a POGopin connector?gene probe Production(图1)

  Pogopin connector is a kind of spring probe, which is formed by riveting and pre-pressing the three basic parts of needle shaft, spring and needle tube by precision instruments. The surface coating of POGopin connectors is generally gold-plated, which can improve its corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and electrical properties. The needle tip can be made into sharp needle, grasping needle, round needle, knife needle and so on.

  Advantages of POGopin connectors:

  1. The greater the compression, the little change in the pressure of the spring.

  2. Small size, saving space, more accurate and stable contact.

  3. Long service life.

  4. The appearance is fashionable and atmospheric, and the texture is thick, suitable for high-end electronic products.

  5. The production speed is fast, the input cost is low, and there is no need to open the mold.

  Disadvantages of POGopin connectors:

  1. The precision of POGopin connectors is very high, and it is easy to cause a high failure rate.

  2. The contact point of the POGopin connector does not move when compressed. When there is foreign matter or dirt on the contact part, the connection failure is prone to occur.

  Points to note when using pogopin connectors:

  1. Avoid applying pressure from the side and on other POGopin connectors that are not vertical.

  2. The battery contacts or their matching FPC gold fingers should not be dirty, oxidized, etc.

  3. If the pressure is too small and the positive force is insufficient, the impedance will be unstable; if the pressure is too large, it will hit the nozzle and cause a latch.

  4. During the assembly process, care should be taken to avoid injury to the nozzle, resulting in latching.

  5. Avoid contact with plastic barriers of assembly and use heads and nozzles.

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