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Design and function of pogo pin connector.Connector factory

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Design and function of pogo pin connector.Connector factory(图1)

  Pogo pin is a kind of connector, its function is very simple, it plays the role of an elastic connection. It can easily solve the board-to-board connection in a small space. The pogo pin can be formulated according to the actual work requirements, and different specifications can be selected during the formulation. The following introduces the function and performance of the pogo pin connector:


  The main function of the connector is the elastic connection. The pogo pin can maintain a continuous and stable working current during the elastic connection process, and the current is very small, only 3A, and it can reach 6A in special cases. If the diameter is increased, it can be increased to 10A or more. . Its working voltage is below 36 volts, its life can be more than 10,000 times, and it can exceed 1 million times in special cases, which plays an important role in connection. Secondly, there are certain requirements in the working environment of the pogo pin connector. The adaptable temperature when it works is between -25 degrees and 75 degrees, and when it is in storage, the temperature also changes, between -40 degrees and 85 degrees. between. And the on-resistance is less than 30 milliohms. At present, the test method used by Tyco Hanzer is the dynamic contact resistance in the working stroke. The pogo pin connector has many advantages, such as: small contact resistance, high working height of the product, low working height, low initial development cost, large product current carrying, point-to-point contact, long life, etc. It has been used by many large companies. Due to many large and low-end companies, everyone has some one-sided understanding of pogo pin connectors, such as pogo pins are prone to power failure, and the contact is unstable. In fact, as long as the product design is reasonable and passes the dynamic resistance test, the reliability of the product is very high.

  Connector design Pogo pin articles

  Overview of research and development of pogo pin connector: Definition of .pogo pin connector (POGO PIN CONNECTOR): refers to the pogo pin connector used in electronic signals and power supplies. The pogo pin connector is a signal bridge, and its quality not only affects The reliability of current and signal transmission will affect the overall quality of the entire electronic equipment terminal.

  .pogo pin connector type:

  1 surface mount

  Surface mount Pogo Pin connectors are mainly used in reflow soldering process, which can improve soldering efficiency when used in large quantities, and are the most common application method. The welding surface of this type of product is flat, so the welding area is relatively large. The product is packaged on tape and reel, and a process cap will be added if necessary, so that the SMT robot can pick it up.

  2 plugin classes

  The plug-in type Pogo Pin connector is mainly used in wave soldering and hand soldering process. This product can be positioned better than the patch type. The tail pin of the product passes through the pcb board, of course, it is more convenient for hand soldering. Products are usually in bulk.

  3. Double pogo pin

  This type of product is mainly used in special occasions, both ends cannot be soldered, and can be easily separated. This type of product is not suitable for roll packaging

  4. Magnetic cable

  A relatively new connection method, which uses a pogo pin connector and then adds a magnet, can completely absorb the pogo pin end and the solid pin through the attraction of the magnet to achieve the purpose of connection. Due to the convenience of plugging and unplugging in this method, it can be automatically separated after reaching a certain force, and the plugging and unplugging life is long, regardless of the positive and negative sides. It has been used only by Apple computer cables at first, and now it is a new type of connection method adopted by many large companies.

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