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Introduction of Pogo Pin Connector.Copper spring terminal company

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  Pogo Pin probe clips are a great way to test and connect pin point accuracy without soldering! It looks like an alligator clip with a built-in spring pogo pin - so you can connect to any PCB pad for scope, analysis or multi-measurement

  The clip is firm enough to grab onto the PCB, but has a soft grip so it won't damage or damage the circuit. The "tongue" is a round-tipped pogo pin - a spring-loaded contact, which is very convenient for instant electrical solid contact. Connections go through clips and reach solder-friendly crimp connectors.

  You can also use it to connect batteries, wearables, pretty much anything you wish you had a third/fouth/etc hand holding the probe in place.

  Pogo Pin connectors consist of multiple Pogo pins in a plastic housing. There are many standard Pogo pin connectors available. Customer-specifically designed Pogo Pin connectors are available by varying pitch, pin count, and housing size. Flexible pin design allows for various SMD board configurations.

  High electrical conductivity is a key criterion for selecting gold-printed plungers. It also provides excellent protection against corrosion and oxidation. Barrels are usually plated twice. Stainless steel springs are not included, springs are gold or silver coated. Alternatively, we also offer other precious metal plated plungers if the product application requires it, or if the customer requires a specific plating.

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