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pogo pin uses the requirements in the phone.probe biology

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pogo pin uses the requirements in the phone.probe biology(图1)

  In the new era, in order to meet the new needs, the pogo pin connector product itself is developing towards small size, narrow pitch and multi-function. In addition, the direction of surface mounting, compounding and embedded is also the future trend. The volume and external dimensions of connectors are getting smaller and smaller.

  The miniaturization of electronic products also requires miniaturization or even miniaturization of their supporting connectors. For example, portable handheld digital products such as mobile phones have higher requirements for connector miniaturization. The number of contacts and the specifications of traditional connectors are generally unchangeable. If users need to change the number and specifications of contacts, they must use other connectors. Well solved this problem.

  The rapid development of the market has accelerated the technological innovation of connectors, and the design level and processing methods of connectors have also been greatly improved. Industry experts said that semiconductor chip technology is becoming the technological driving force for the development of connectors at all levels of interconnection. The number of device pins for interconnection (device-to-board interconnection) ranges from hundreds to thousands of lines.

  In recent years, optical fiber connectors, USB2.0 high-speed connectors, wired broadband connectors, and micro-pitch connectors have been increasingly used in various portable/wireless electronic devices, and even higher-speed USB3.0 has appeared in the market. Therefore, the market application hotspots of connectors are also changing accordingly.

  The electronic process of global enterprises and markets is getting faster and faster. The Chinese government has invested a lot in the fields of triple play, smart grid, automobile and rail transit under the financial crisis environment. The requirements for current resistance are getting higher and higher; from the perspective of consumer electronics, applications similar to Internet TV are hot, they involve many antenna applications, and TV system manufacturers need to set antennas within a small distance.

  The miniaturization and energy saving of connectors are bound to be important trends in the development of the home appliance industry; the complex body control, remote communication and other functions in the automotive electronic system also pose challenges to the miniaturization, intelligence, environmental protection and high reliability of connectors .

  In the new era, the new situation of the connector industry, the mainstream connector manufacturers at home and abroad, while creating their own characteristics, also lead or follow the footsteps of market demand from the introduction and application of products. A new model of connector market competition has gradually formed.

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