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How to improve efficiency and quality of pogo pin connector

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How to improve efficiency and quality of pogo pin connector(图1)

  Pins are electrical components of electronic products, and their demand continues to increase, and the requirements for reliability are getting higher and higher. Whether the diameter of the pin meets the requirements directly affects the stability of the contact point of the electrical connector. In order to meet the high-efficiency and high-precision testing requirements and realize production automation, it is necessary to realize the automation and high-precision measurement of the pin diameter to improve the production efficiency and product quality to a greater extent.

  One. For the non-contact test of pogopin connectors, the laser scanning sensor is used to detect defects:

  Because the pin diameter detection requires high accuracy and high efficiency, and the pins that need to be measured are usually gold-plated parts, in order to prevent wear, non-contact measurement must be used. At present, the commonly used non-contact measurement at home and abroad mainly uses laser scanning sensors for detection, but this method has nonlinear errors, and the measurement results are easily interfered by the high temperature and vibration of the probe motor. In addition, the laser diffraction method is also a high-precision diameter measurement method, but due to the large measuring mechanism and high environmental requirements, it will limit its application in the production site.

  2. The pins adopt the CCD projection method adopted by the single-diameter diameter measuring system. Linear CCD is used as a high-sensitivity photoelectric sensor. benefit:

  The application of CCD as a high-sensitivity photoelectric sensor in pin measurement includes the following characteristics:

  1. The pixel size is small, the geometric accuracy is high, and the optical system can achieve high spatial resolution.

  2. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, wide spectral response, large dynamic range, etc., and is widely used in industrial non-contact detection and control.

  3. The uniform and stable wavelength is that the light emitted by the 520nm LED light source is converted into a parallel beam by the collimating lens. After launching, a part of it will be blocked by the target, and then pass through the filter and imaging lens group in the receiver, and finally received by the linear CCD. The CCD sensor scans at the preset sampling rate and calculates the length at the same time. Dimension measurement, the measurement result is displayed on the LCD screen at the same time.

  3. In order to improve the accuracy and anti-interference ability of the measurement system, pogopin manufacturers have made improvements in the following aspects:

  1. Use a green LED with a fixed wavelength of 520nm as the measurement light source. Due to the lifetime of the laser diode, the laser scanning measurement method does not require rotating parts, which greatly improves the reliability.

  2. Add a filter lens to the receiver to reduce the interference caused by ambient light.

  3. High-speed linear CCD is used to continuously expose and receive light and obtain a higher sampling speed.

  4. Continuous average measurement, that is, after CCD continuous high-speed exposure, the average value within the exposure time is selected as the result output, and the instantaneous change of the target object can be observed. The measurement line and the measured target axis always remain straight, and the actual diameter can be provided.

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