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What are the applications of round hole pin headers in THR skills?silver thimble price

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  In recent years, the surface mounting skills have developed rapidly, and they have played an insignificant position in the electronics industry. In addition to the scale effect of fully automated production, SMT has the following technical advantages: components can be mounted on both sides of the PCB to complete high-density assembly; even the smallest-scale components can be precisely mounted.

  Ease of operation and the mechanical strength of the round hole pin header are also very important elements. The connector is usually the communication interface between the PCB motherboard and external components, so it may sometimes encounter considerable external force.

  Through-hole technology assembled components are much higher in reliability than the corresponding SMT components. No matter it is compact and easy to mount, there is a significant difference in size and assembly form from the through-hole round pin header.

  The round hole pin header processing used for field wiring in the industrial field is usually high-power components. It can be subjected to intense pulling, kneading or thermal shock, and it is not easy to leave the PCB.

  In some cases, these advantages are weakened by the reduction in the adhesion of components on the PCB. The characteristic of SMT components is design. It can meet the needs of transmitting high voltage and large current. Therefore, sufficient electrical clearance and creepage distance must be considered when designing. These elements will ultimately affect the size of the component.

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Where are the main applications of round hole pin headers?medical probe Direct sales

Where are the main applications of round hole pin headers?silver thimble price